The Empty Rose: A Climate Change Metaphor

A neon glow in rows and rows and rows
Radioactive I suppose
Brain cells dead, I suppose
The empty sheet, life transposed

I suppose

Pick a future and now “Look, a rose!”
And there it goes, “The future or the rose?”
I don’t know, my mind is closed
Who knows?

Maybe 10 or 20, 30 million!
It’s just a rose, I suppose
Well fuck the man on the neon stage, this is not the life I chose
More than a rose!

More than empty neon glows
This is not an “I suppose.”
Fuck the rose, you killed it and there it goes
I’m tired of all these shitty magic shows…

So goodbye rose
Goodbye empty funeral rows
Goodbye world and those who know…


Or was that just too long ago?

by Ira Reinhart-Smith

March 2, 2020

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Published by Ira Reinhart-Smith

Ira Reinhardt-Smith lives in Caledonia, Nova Scotia.

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