OFOS at the MSVU Girls Conference

On Friday, March 6, 2020, OFOS attended the 2020 Girls Conference at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. We held a workshop, wrote collective poems, and listed what we can do for the environment. The Girls Conference is held every year for youth who identify as female and are in Grades 6-12 in Nova Scotia / Mi’kma’ki.

Collective Poem 1

Protect our Mother from earth to water
For nothing gold can stay*

Down on our knees we lay
Causing our own decay

Respect trees
Clean our seas
Tidy our streets

Save the turtles
Stop their hurt
Understand their pain
Know that we are all the same

Picking up garbage to help the earth
To help worldwide happiness re-birth

If we do this we will break through climate change
Because this is our earth
It’s my home

Collective Poem 2

(written by the “Vegan Chicken Nuggets”)
image of writing workshop at Girls Conference
There once was a planet
with no smoke in the air

But now when you look
there is pollution everywhere

Our world is slowly melting
and we are not helping

We must put the gas in the past
so our world will last

Our world is slowing dying
because we are not trying

Less coal
is our goal

So we can continue to stand
on this brittle land.

by OFOS Team

March 10, 2020

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