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OFOS is excited to announce our first annual Earth Week Writing Challenge!

Submissions can take virtually any form: poetry, spoken word, essay, letter, short story, response, etc. We are also accepting submissions of visual art or photography, as long as they are accompanied by a written description.

There is a new writing prompt for each day of Earth Week:

April 18th: What does sustainability mean to you?

April 19th: How to you imagine the future of the climate?

April 20th: Can a single person make a difference in fighting climate change?

April 21st: If you could send a message to the earth, what would it be?

April 22nd: The theme of Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in our planet.” What does this mean to you?

Send your submissions to ofos.submissions@gmail.com !

To get a print-ready copy of this poster and to help spread to word, email us at ofos.submissions@gmail.com !

Poster designed by Alice Barlaam

Want print-ready files? Email us: ofos.submissions@gmail.com

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