Didn’t We?

Didn’t we all give comfort to ourselves
by allowing thoughts to slip through our minds?

Guilty but subtle thoughts like:
Nothing will ever happen to our earth.
It’s fine.
Someone will have a cure

Only to be shocked at the results that occur
from not helping the Earth be heard.

My sole purpose here is to inform you
that you yourself can change our planet for the better.
Small actions will impact lives one day.

Pick up litter whenever you can,
use bikes
share transportation
walk, talk to others, spread the word.

This climate change issue needs recognition,
this can not be solved with just a ban.
Don’t throw our future out the door.
We must not allow life to cease forevermore.

(Image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash)

by Isabelle Brousseau

May 25, 2020

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Published by Isabelle Brousseau

Isabelle Brousseau is an aspiring author who lives in Bedford, NS. She is 16 years of age, and quite passionate about the environment, which tends to be the subject of most her work!

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