Dear Earth

Dear Earth,

Sorry it’s been so long since I wrote last. I guess it just kind of slipped my mind. Has it really been that many years since we talked? I’m having trouble remembering what you were telling me all those years ago. Something about the heat, wasn’t it? I didn’t get it then, but I think I get it now. You’re not well, are you. You’ve been unwell for a while and I hadn’t even noticed! I guess I should have seen the signs earlier. But you know what they say, “Hindsight is always 20/20,” or something like that. I suppose all this pollution was bad for you. Polluted oceans, polluted air, polluted rivers and streams, sound pollution, light pollution–need I continue?

Well you can’t say we’re not creative, that’s for sure. Maybe just not creative enough. Maybe someone should have taught us the word “sustainability” before they taught us “marketability” and “profit” and “convenient” and “now.” I get it now though! You’re a resilient planet, but you didn’t expect your resilience to be tested this much. You just need a little help, that’s all. The trouble is, old habits die hard. Not everyone wants to put their life on hold for the future. Some people would rather not think about what’s best for next week, let alone next year or ten years from now. But some of us do! Some of us have finally heard the message you’ve been sending, and like a tree in spring, our numbers can only grow.

We’ve been calling on decision-makers to put stock in our futures, demanding them to stop the harmful practices like burning fossil fuels and fracking that are hurting our environment. We’ve held walk-outs and protests, uniting across borders and differences with the common goal of preserving the home we all share.

We have amongst us the brightest scientists, who are working tirelessly so that our understanding of our environment can catch up with centuries of carelessness and neglect. It is no easy task, but as we implore more and more of our citizens to challenge the reality that is most convenient to them, we begin to catch rays of hope like a misty sunset.

This letter is not just an apology, although it is certainly that. This letter is a “get-well-soon” card, an acknowledgement and acceptance of the disservice done to you by us, your stewards and caretakers. “The earth is always evolving,” they say. But rest assured; so are we.



(Image by Tyler Nix on Unsplash)

by Anonymous

July 2, 2020

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