This Is Our Earth

Is this Earth?
A planet once so young
So full
So safe
Where animals could live and flourish
Without the possibility
Of raging fires or
A healthy green world
A world alive with animals

Is this Earth?
The peace that filled the planet.
The birds’ cheerful harmony but now.
Greed blossoms, pollution multiplies.
Sickness and anguish grow and expand.

And yet we stand and watch
What was green, healthy full of life and peace
Is fast becoming brown, sickening, polluted and full of gluttony
What have we done

This is Earth
If we could erase our mistakes
Will we make them again
Can we prevent it?

The clouds turn black
The animals stop interacting
We stand still
The world is silenced

But youth like you, like me
Are rising from the rubble
As our voices get louder and louder
We will rise higher and higher

And if you won’t fight we will
Because this isn’t just Earth
It’s our Earth

by Zoe Abiagom

April 18, 2020

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Published by Zoe Abiagom

Zoe Abiagom attends Rocky Lake Junior High School in Halifax. She is currently in Grade 8.

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