Earth Day Poem

Earth you have grown
so much
Like a baby in its mother’s eyes
You have…
You went through life, death
Deconstruction a bit a
We cut down your trees
Then plant them like weeds
In places where there were no trees
Where instead we should’ve
Kept their fore-mothers, and fore-fathers alive
So they live, breath
Purify with ease
We know you’re crying
We feel you
“Koff Koff”
Stop breathing
For us to
Change our ways
In exchange
For better days
You sur-face bare with wrinkles
Your once firm skin looks
As if it has
The trees that one held your sur-face
Have been e-rased
And now you face…
is filled with a flood of tears
Trickling into your ears
From all those years
Of pain
Of suffering
Your face filled with
As you looked at your people
You gave everything…
And yes…
they took everything till you concaved

by Damini Awoyiga

April 24, 2020

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