An Open Letter to the Government

With the world’s environmental health quickly deteriorating, everyone has to make an effort to stop the global warming crisis. It will only get worse and if global nations don’t step up and take action now, it will be irreversible. This is a problem we have to face as a population. It is not right for people to leave it to our future generations, who will be left to deal with the consequences. It is not only the world’s populations who will continue to suffer, but the entire system of our plant’s health of our environment, our ecosystem, our wildlife, the vegetation will all deteriorate as a consequence of our stupid and reckless decisions.

We can’t do this alone. Not as a single person, a family, or even a country. This has to be a global effort that everyone works towards and cares about.

As a young individual, I help where I can: I continue to learn about this issue, I follow the Greta Thunberg movement, I participated in the “Our Future, Our Story” workshop, and contributed writings to the conversation. Hence, the reason you are getting this letter. I feel like this problem is being left for our generation and future generations to solve and deal with the growing problem. If you are truly a person who cares, then help me to bring attention to this and use that attention to bring people together and solve this problem as a population.

In conclusion, we need an urgent action plan. With your efforts and support, we can make this work and save our future. We want our bright and happy future to become a reality, not a lost and unfulfilled dream from the previous generations. This is not only for us, but for the people who will be born into a world of lost hope and a dying planet if we continue to turn a blind eye to this climate emergency.

by Julia Honigman

March 31, 2020

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Published by Julia Honigman

Julia Honigman is a Grade 9 student and Gorsebrook Junior High School in Halifax, NS.

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